100% Arbequina, 3l Tin
  • 100% Arbequina, 3l Tin

100% Arbequina, Large Tin


3 qt. 5.4 fl oz
Can Solivera 100% Arbequina Olive Oil comes directly from the source: the arid plateau called “Les Garrigues” in Catalonia where this wonderfully tasting olive variety was re-discovered late last century near the village of Arbeca (formerly Arbequa). It took the world by storm! An estimated 73% of all new olive trees planted in California and the Carolinas during the past year are Arbequinos.


Location: Arbeca and Borges Blanques (Les Garrigues), Catalonia, Spain
Time of Harvest: October/November
Method: First cold extraction by centrifuge
Taste: Medium fruity with no bitterness, an elegant mouth-feel and notes of apple, almond, walnut, tomato, artichoke, banana and pine-apple. Flavors are accompanied by aromas of freshly cut grass, dried flowers and herbs. After 10 seconds one feels a deliciously peppery after-taste.

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