Arbequina & Empeltre, 50cl Glass
  • Arbequina & Empeltre, 50cl Glass

Arbequina & Empeltre, 50cl Glass


16.9 fl oz

Catalonian Arbequina trees grow in an area called La Franja, meaning “border land”, and co-mingle with Empeltre trees native from neighbouring Aragón. The trees grow from seeds dropped by starlings, (“estornell” in Catalan), who have a tremendous appetite for good olives to the chagrin of growers.


Location: The banks and low hills of the river Cinca near Mequinenza; Aragón, Spain
Time of Harvest: October
Method: First cold extraction by centrifuge
Taste: Rather fruity because of early harvest with no bitterness, an elegant mouth feel of the many aromas of the Arbequina but with a note of sweet almonds from the Empeltre. This brings a fatty texture to the olive oil, like liquid butter. After 10 seconds one still feels the delicious peppery Arbequina aftertaste..

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