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4 x Daida parfum concentraat
  • 4 x Daida parfum concentraat

4 x Daida Olive Perfume Concentrate

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Four roll-on dispenser bottles of 10mL (0.34 fl oz)

This exquisite perfume consists of 22% Arbequina olive oil

Six of our planet’s most precious natural essential oils* held together in perfect balance by a measure of Can Solivera 100% Arbequina extra virgin olive oil. This really renewing combination produces a delicate flowery fragrance with hints of wood, spices and fresh citric. No alcohol. The perfume does not feel oily to the skin.

These are Neroli (N-Africa), Ylang-ylang (Comores Islands), Sandalwood and Yasmin (India), Damask Rose (Bulgaria) and Vetiver (Haïti).Their aromas are thought to possess unique properties, helping to improve the harmony between body and mind (aromatherapy).

DAIDA perfume concentrate does not contain aggressive alcohol to keep spray mechanisms functioning and is therefore only offered as a "roll-on".


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